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One of my morning rituals is to start my day off with a really nice walk. That’s when I love to think, tap, show appreciation and pre-pave my day. Walking this morning, I saw something that reminded me of a common mistake that entrepreneurs repeatedly make and that costs them a ton of time and money.

In my neighborhood, there’s lots of lovely houses that have beautifully manicured lawns. I noticed a woman talking to the gardeners who were mowing her lawn. I heard her tell them that the last time they mowed the grass too short and that she likes to have grass she can walk on in her bare feet.  Well, the gardeners apologized and the woman said, “Don’t worry about it… I’ll forgive you this time.”

I walked away chuckling to myself. Both thought they understood each other…but did they?   

The woman had a definite idea of what she wanted. She wanted grass that felt good under her bare feet. But did the gardeners really understand what that felt and looked like? Is it grass that’s half an inch long, an inch long, or even two? I left wondering if she’ll get the lawn she wants. If she doesn’t, whose fault is it? Is it hers…or the gardeners? Truthfully, it’s both of theirs. 

What would’ve made more sense is if she had pointed out a neighbor’s lawn that she really liked. That would have given the gardeners an exact example of what she wanted. As it was, who knows if both were visualizing the same results?

How often do you vaguely communicate in your business? 

Do you give directions to a client, team member, or vendor and don’t get the results you were expecting? Are you getting frustrated by the extra time and work spent on getting a job done right? And, if it’s an employee or team member, are you conscious of the extra money it is costing you?

Here’s how to shift to better communication with 3 simple steps:

  1. Tell the person what you need, what it should look like and when you need it by.  Wherever possible, give an example.  Be as specific as possible and state expectations. 
  2. Ask the person what questions they have and then come to a mutual agreement.
  3. Have the person repeat back the assignment and confirm the due date.

Bonus (#4):  Depending on the situation, follow up via writing/email.

Taking these steps is so important – otherwise, you’re wasting valuable time when you could be out making money, having fun…or BOTH!

Be Brilliant!

Kate Beeders, Founder of BRILLIANCE Builders™

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